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Rete Imprese Italia
Rete Imprese Italia
R.E TE. Imprese Italia (Italian Enterprise Network) is the coordinating body of the five principal Italian Organizations that represent micro, small and medium enterprises and widespread enterprise: Casartigiani, Cna, Confartigianato Imprese, Confcommercio - Imprese per l’Italia and Confesercenti.

These Organizations represent enterprises that operate in the sectors of commerce, tourism, services, craftsmanship, and small enterprises of manufacturing and construction, i.e. a total of about 2.6 million members.

R.E TE. Imprese Italia has as its main objective to promote the consolidation of the micro, small and medium enterprise and widespread enterprise as fundamental components of the economic system and of the civil society, as well as to encourage the recognition of their role at all levels of private and institutional interaction.

The acronym R.E TE. - Representation (E)AND TErritory - encodes the very essence of the crucial role played by the founding Organizations in attending to the requests coming from the territory, as well as in the representation exercised within the institutional headquarters: these are merged, through a system of sharing, into the Association R.E TE. Imprese Italia.